Lech Poznań


Lech Poznań - Ruch Chorzów 4:2

11.11.2013 Lech Poznań

Lech Poznań - Ruch Chorzów 4:2

The match could have started perfectly for the team from Chorzów. In the 6th minute Szyndrowski wasted a great goal opportunity. Starzyński sent a cross into the penalty area and the defender of Ruch, left unmarked, had the goal basically empty but instead of heading the ball into the back of the net, he passed it right to the goalkeeper. 2 minutes later Teodorczyk found himself in a similar situation but he had more luck. Hamalainen being one-on-one with the goalkeeper shot right into Buchalik and the ball fell on Teodorczyks head. The forward of Lech Poznań did not hit the ball clearly but it found its way into the goal anyway and the hosts took over the lead. The next goal opportunity was created in the 37th minute when the guests played a great action. Smektała sent a precise cross into the penalty area and Kuświk equalized with a header despite Gostomskis intervention. The result remained 1:1 at half time. The second half could have started well for the hosts. Teodorczyk turned Możdżeńs cross into a shot but it hit the post. Ruch was more effective. In the 59th minute the team from Chorzów played yet another good action and took over the lead. Once again Smektała was the one who sent a precise cross into the penalty area. Kuświk turned out to be faster than Ceesay and he gave no chance to Gostomski with a flat shot. 10 minutes later Kuświk was close to scoring his third goal and adding a hat trick to his account but he didnt hit the ball after Dziwnielas pass. Wasted chances took cruel revenge on Ruch in the 78th minute. Hamalainen passed to Teodorczyk, the forward lost the duel with the goalkeeper, however, Murawski was in the right place at the right time and he sent the ball into the back of the net. Lech kept on attacking and 5 minutes later the hosts were up with one goal. Hamalainen saw Lovrencsics, passed him the ball and the Hungarian midfielder beat the defender, ran into the penalty area and with a strong shot under the bar gave no chance to the goalkeeper. The team from Poznań scored their fourth goal in the additional time. Hamalainen sent a ball to Ślusarski who could have tried shooting but instead passed to Claasen and the South African player placed the ball in the net, setting the final result. Lech Poznań - Ruch Chorzów 4:2 (1:1) Goals: 1:0 Teodorczyk (8), 1:1 Kuświk (37), 1:2 Kuświk (59), 2:2 Murawski (78), 3:2 Lovrencsics (83), 4:2 Claasen (90) Spectators: 24436 Referee: Tomasz Musiał (Cracow) Yellow cards: Tymiński Lech: Maciej Gostomski - Hubert Wołąkiewicz (46. Daylon Claasen), Kebba Ceesay, Marcin Kamiński, Barry Douglas - Dimitrije Injac (57. Rafał Murawski), Łukasz Trałka - Mateusz Możdżeń, Kasper Hamalainen, Gergo Lovrencsics - Łukasz Teodorczyk (82. Bartosz Ślusarski) Ruch: Michał Buchalik - Marek Szyndrowski, Marcin Malinowski, Piotr Stawarczyk, Daniel Dziwniel - Łukasz Surma, Łukasz Tymiński (74. Adrian Mrowiec) - Jakub Smektała, Filip Starzyński, Łukasz Janoszka - Grzegorz Kuświk (77. Maciej Jankowski)

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