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Legia Warszawa - Lech Poznań 1:0

18.05.2013 Lech Poznań

Legia Warszawa - Lech Poznań 1:0

Before this classic match, Lechs coach Mariusz Rumak had many personal problems in the team. Arboleda, Buric and Tonew those key players could not appear on the pitch. Lech started nervously, and at the beginning Legia had far more dangerous occasions to score, especially after some inaccurate playing from Lech defense. Although the day before the match Kotorowski was struggling with a serious cold, in 9 and 15 minute  of the game he showed his very good goalkeeper skills restraining an action firstly from Kucharczyk, Legias winger, and secondly from Kosecki. In 18 Dwaliszwili, Legias forward, crossed the ball from the left side and closing Kucharczyk did not manage to find the way to the already empty goal by a shot from his head. A few minutes later Lechs coach Mariusz Rumak was forced to make a first substitution: Lechs only forward on the pitch, injured Ślusarski was replaced by Teodorczyk. Then the game undergo a change and Lech had its chances too. Lechs captain, Murawski took a precise shot from an acute angle, but Legias goalkeeper was on his place. In the end of the second half Lech more often visited Legias side of the turf. The corner kicked from Lovrencsics could end with a goal for Lech, but Kędziora, who entered a game because of another early substitution, changing injured right defender Ceesay, slightly mistaken with his header.  Just before the break Teodorczyk has a chance, but his shot was to lightly and both teams came down to locker rooms with a clean sheet.
Unlike in the beginning of the first half, the second one Lech started better than Legia. But for a quality chance viewers had to wait till 59 minute. The goalkeeper from Legia got some troubles after a shot from Lovrencsics, then Murawski caught the ball and his header aimed the goal, but Jędrzejczyk managed to knock out the ball just from the goal line. Legia had to wait for its chance to 70 minute, when after a shot from Kucharczyk, the ball accidentally found the way to Saganowski, however a devoted intervention from Kotorowski and Henriquez saved Lech from lossing a goal. Moments later, Furman crossed from a corner and Vrdoljak shot was stopped just on the line by Lechs captain - Murawski. In Lechs penalty box boiled again in 77 minute. In great confusion Dwaliszwili shot twice and it was not clear whether the ball past the goal line or not. Whole debate was cut by referee who whistled a handball of Legias forward. Seven minutes later, host team carried out a deadly counterattack. Koseckis ran into the penalty area of Lech and Możdzeń performed an unfortunate sliding tackle. Referee classified it as a foul, Możdzeń received a red card and Legia obtained a penalty. Vrdoljak turned it on a goal. Legia maintained the lead until the end of the match and three games before the end of the season has a 5 points advantage in relation to second Lech.
Legia Warszawa - Lech Poznań 1:0 (0:0)
Goals: 1:0 Vrodljak (86-karny)
Viewers: 29416 (1790 from Lech)
Referee: Szymon Marciniak
Yelow cards: Łukasik, Kosecki, Jędrzejczyk - Ceesay, Możdżeń, Kędziora
Red cards: Możdżeń (84-tactical foul)
Legia: Dusan Kuciak - Bartosz Bereszyński, Artur Jędrzejczyk, Inaki Astiz, Jakub Wawrzyniak - Daniel Łukasik (62. Dominik Furman), Ivica Vrdoljak - Michał Kucharczyk (78. Miroslav Radović), Wladimer Dwaliszwili,  Jakub Kosecki - Marek Saganowski
Lech: Krzysztof Kotorowski - Kebba Ceesay (34. Tomasz Kędziora), Hubert Wołąkiewicz (79. Karol Linetty), Marcin Kamiński, Luis Henriquez - Łukasz Trałka, Rafał Murawski - Gergo Lovrencsics, Kasper Hamalainen, Mateusz Możdżeń - Bartosz Ślusarski (24. Łukasz Teodorczyk)

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